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 Message from Our Pastor - Msgr. Louis Marucci

Dear Parishioners,

I have been reading some Posts on social media written in response to the investigation of clergy sexual abuse in the five dioceses of New Jersey. And, without a doubt, many in the church have caused great hurt By preying on children, and by failing to take the accountable measures against perpetrating priests. The leadership of our church has failed in a colossal way to protect the children, at least in the past. Some of these postings have shared the depth of hurt that people have experienced! some have said they cannot return to church, because of how Priests and bishops have let them down by preaching one thing and living another. By far this has been the most colossal mistake by the leadership of the church! 
Below I share with you the following post that I wrote in response to a post on a friend's Facebook page, who shared her frustration and anger and disappointment and disgust over the hypocrisy.

My post read:

Without a doubt, the people of the church have a right to be angry. When priests are predators they violate a sacred trust relationship. In addition, numerous Bishops have handled this poorly, by placing assets and fear of scandal over the well-being of children. But one thing we must remember...this is Christ’s church, and He is the heart of it. It is through the church we find salvation. The evil one is having his way because he wants you to flee from the very source that provides hope, healing, and salvation. The church does not need you to flee...it needs you to speak forth...to demand renewal, accountability, transparency, and reform. Clearly, I understand the justified anger of the laity, but why cast broad generalizations assuming that all priests are predators. The recent article identified 56 priests and one deacon in the diocese of Camden that were credibly accused. It also stated that there have been more than 800 priests who have served in the diocese from its inception. That would be approximately 7%. Which means the other 93% have spent their lives making sacrifices for the sake of the people they serve. In my near 32 years of priesthood, I have compromised my own health by putting the needs of my congregation first. And I will continue to do so because I have great love for God and for those I serve. At this time our church needs courageous leaders. The church needs you to help the Bishops Put into place the necessary structures that will help to identify and fix all that is broken in the church. I suggest the following: first, the laity should not avoid the church...you cannot be silent... the church needs you to speak up! All forms of abuse, by anyone in the church, must be reported immediately. Second, We should appeal to the Holy Father and request an open dialogue, redress, and transparency. The Laity priests, and religious, must be appointed in every diocese to participate in investigatory panels able to investigate accusations and to demand public recommendations for actions to their bishops. We must live out the purpose of the church and become conduits of love, justice, and mercy without compromise! We should demand transparency and the assurances that the Charter for the protection of children and young people must be implemented without compromise. And most especially, we should do it for the love of the Lord, who gave us this church. We must reach out to the survivors to make sure they have the resources for the healing that is needed! And, if I may be so bold, We must pray for the priests that have committed their lives to serve you...As we are truly embarrassed, ashamed, and angry over What some priests have done to children and young people, and how it has stigmatized our profession. We need your prayer, your support, and your presence.
Don’t you think is a much better approach than turning our backs on the church Christ established?

As always, be assured of my love and prayer,
Msgr. Marucci

The Diocese of Camden has gathered together articles and videos to assist us as we grapple with the pain and suffering caused by this scandal.  The resources can be found through the following link:  


(Note: this information is provided as options solely for responding to the clergy sex abuse crisis. Providing this information does not necessarily endorse the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations.)

With a loving and grateful heart,
Rev. Msgr. Louis A. Marucci, D.Min.



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