Scripture Study Reflection Question - The Transfiguration

In all three accounts a voice from the clouds identifies Jesus as the beloved or chosen Son and includes an admonition to "listen to Him."  Can you describe a time when you placed yourself in the presence of the Lord (in prayer) and came away resolved regarding something you were praying over.  What were the circumstances and what did the Lord say to do?


Magdalen M Stengel  |  St Andrew the Apostle  |  October 27, 2014  |  11:13 AM

Jesus took Peter, John and James up on Mount Tabor to pray. A voice from the cloud identifies Jesus as the beloved Son of God the Father.Father tells the apostles and us to listen to His Son. The question is, are we listening to God? Are changing in apppearance and becoming dazzling white?



Debbie C.  |  Rosary Class  |  October 21, 2014  |  4:28 PM

This was at one of the lowest points in my life. My youngest son had been diagnosed with autism the past year and had also been in an accident where he wandered off and was hit by a car. Because our case was in the social service pipeline at the same time one of the adopted Jackson boys in Collingwood was found eating out of the garbage, every case was put under closer scrutiny by the state. I was afraid my son could be taken away from our family at any moment.  Add to this situation a relapse into food addiction (from which I had had nearly 4 years of recovery) and I was one sorry mess.  I had absolutely nothing left with which to fight with, nor could I advocate for my son in this state.

I had to make the decision to trust in God, or at least change my attitude towards Him. Previously, I had considered my recovery part of the "Grand Bargain" -- follow this way and all will be well.  And it was, until my son got autism.  I had a very hard time with the idea that I had to trust in a God who would let this happen to an innocent child.  The "Voice of God" was more like my pitiful reasoning -- "God is older than me, He's wiser than me (even if I can't see it), and He made this Universe. He certainly knew what He was doing then.  What am I doing messing with that kind of power?"

So I gave it up.  It was just too big for me.  I'd had enough.

I had to let God "take the 5th" and stop treating Him like the magic 8-ball (shake Him up through prayer and get an answer).  Ever since that day, God, who had always seemed silent to me, has never steered me wrong.  I can't explain the shift, but ever since I stopped being in charge, I've remained abstinent, my family has remained intact and my son is growing up well and doing many things I didn't think were possible at the time.  Many other things have happened that I don't have the answers to, but so long as I put my trust in God (who knows far more than I do), the answers will come.

Kathy Emrich  |  United States  |  October 19, 2014  |  8:33 PM

One of the lessons that we learn very clearly from Scripture is that before every significant event in His life, Jesus would resort to prayer.  I’m certain that He prayed to His Father always, since he always spoke about doing the will of His Father, but it was before the very significant events or decisive points in his life that He would literally separate himself from the crowds, go up a mountain, or to another area that would provide a quiet space and time to spend time in prayer.    

I can think of several times recently, when faced with a significant problem, anxious moment or time of uncertainty that I made a concerted effort to withdraw to my own “mountain” or place of intimate encounter with God.  What I typically and eventually come away with, is a sense of profound peace about the decision that I need to make (or not make).  Sometimes that profound peace of mind and heart will come sooner and sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes it results in the answer I hope for and sometimes not, but I always believe that whatever the response, it is God’s will for me.  And in His divine wisdom He will provide all that I need according to his plan.  

One of the prayers that I pray quite often because it is such a comfort, is Mary's fiat.

"Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me according to Your word."

I love it because it has carried me through many difficult and anxious moments...


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