Scripture Study Reflection Question: The Sorrowful Mysteries

On Thursday night during our Scripture Seminar, we learned about some of the historical aspects of crucifixion.  After reading the handouts related to the Scourging, and Crucifixion, and from what you may have learned in class, what stands out the most that helped to enhance your own understanding of Jesus Christ Crucified? How does this new insight impact your own faith life.


Raymond Patriarca  |  P.O. Box 1320, Voorhees  |  October 30, 2014  |  12:01 PM

I did not realize that the process was so formalized and precisely carried out by soldiers specifically trained to extract the maximum pain and humiliation just short of death. It is surprising that anyone could endure such a long period of this extreme torture. There are many depictions of Jesus on the cross, carrying the cross, etc but none come anywhere near  showing the true physical result of the torture - I guess it is considered too violent for the masses, but it does do a disservice to how much Jesus endured on our behalf.

The information about crucifixion gave me a better understanding of the agony  Jesus felt in the garden as he thought about what was in store for him. Likewise, it makes it think about the mental anguish Mary endured as she watched her son in such pain.

Sandy  |  Voorhees  |  October 27, 2014  |  8:10 PM

I just finished reading the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus and I am truly shaken by the horrific details of His death.  We speak of the crucifixion of Christ and look at Him on the cross in church all the time, however, reading the details of the torturous death that He endured for the forgiveness of our sins makes one feel  unworthy  of such extreme sacrifice.  I ask myself how Mother Mary endured the pain of watching her beloved son tortured to death.

Debbie C.  |  Voorhees  |  October 26, 2014  |  8:15 PM

I believe the Centurion said it all when he declared Jesus was the Son of God--this, after watching Jesus go through the crucifixion and before the Resurrection even happened. Doubtless the Centurion had probably crucified other people during his time in the Roman army and had full knowledge and experience of what was involved, on a level I can't begin to imagine, even after reading the handouts. Crucifixion was a form of execution so awful and horrific to witness that the relatives of the victim would beg the soldiers standing by to put a spear through their loved one just to put him out of his agony. No doubt the centurion had witnessed other victims spew hatred, curse their mothers and God for even being born and lose their minds along with any dignity they might once have possessed. But not this one...

Jesus, from the Cross, forgave his enemies, entrusted his mother to the only apostle left standing near him (John), wondered why his God had abandoned him (the centurion didn't know about the 22nd Psalm and would not have taken Jesus' words as a quote), but then turned around and entrusted himself and his fate to God anyway. All while going through exactly the same suffering as any other human being on the Cross...the centurion was astonished and believed this Jesus had to be what He said He was just on the basis of how He died...if nothing else, I have to take the Centurion's word for it.  

Msgr. Louis Marucci  |  Gibbsboro, New Jersey  |  October 26, 2014  |  12:12 AM

Annemarie,  Your observations are right on target.  If people (particularly) Christians truly knew the horror of the Cross, they would be truly overwhelmed.  The cross was known in its day as "The Dreaded Stauros" and brought fear to its victim and their families.  Frequently, the victim would go insane on the cross as a result of the physical, psychological, and emotional pain.  The shame that people endured, in this awful form of capital punishment, is beyond description.  Thank you for your sharing...and you get the star for being the first one to do your homework:  Blessings, Msgr. Marucci

Annemarie  |  Voorhees  |  October 25, 2014  |  4:18 PM

I found these pages on The Crucifiction and The Scourging of Christ difficult to read and digest.  All of my life I was taught that Jesus was killed in a most horrific manner and I remember seeing "The Passion"during which I kept my eyes closed for a good bit of time, but reading these articles was truly eye-opening.  What could a person do to be subjected to all of this and how could Mary have witnessed it all?

It was overwhelming!

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