Planned Giving Opportunities

Planned Giving is Smart Giving!

Planned Givers receive sheer joy from giving. Only those who make carefully thought out voluntary gifts experience this kind of joy.

Planned givers receive dividends from giving that are much higher than the dividends they receive from other investments.  They are motivated to make gifts because they value giving and they value making a difference in other people's lives.  Through their gifts they make it possible for Churches, non-profits, and other organizations to continue their mission.  Planned Givers at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish help to assure that the Kingdom of God continues to flourish in the future. 

Charitable givers can give through planned gift arrangements and receive income for a number of years or even for a lifetime,  as you will see in this section.  Please visit the various gift mechanisms on the sidebar and read examples of planned gifts that benefit both the Donor and a Parish.  Planned givers satisfy a built-in need to give  and to show how to give effectively without adversely affecting economic freedom and financial security. 

Why do Christians make planned gifts?  To assure the corporal and spiritual works of mercy continue for years to come.