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September 2023

Dear Parents,
CCD Classes will begin the week of Monday, September 11th. 
The first day of CCD will be Monday, September 11th 5pm for the K-7 Monday night classes. 
Wednesday 8th Grade classes will begin on Wednesday, September 13th 5pm. 
The Sunday GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) Program will begin on Sunday, September 17th at 9am.  

Car Line

We will utilize a car line for ARRIVAL ONLY for the Monday / Wednesday K-8 classes this year.  Car line will be available starting at 4:45 for the Monday night classes.  Please pull all the way up to the far entrance of the building and make sure your child exits the car quickly and safely from the passenger side of the car. 

For Dismissal, please park your car, and proceed to the far entrance of the building.  The teachers will bring your child out of the building via that entrance.  You will be able to pick up your child beginning at 6pm.  For their safety, please make sure that your child does not run in the parking lot. 

We are discontinuing the use of backpacks this year.  We will provide all the necessary supplies in the classroom. 

Mass Attendance
Regular Mass attendance of students on Sunday and Holy Days is integral for the development and realization of faith for the child and youth. Attendance at weekly Mass is required year-round.

If you already have a CCD bible from previous years, please have your child bring that with him to class. We will store the Bibles in class so that the students have them for use during their class periods. 

Attendance Policy
Students are required to attend ALL scheduled classes. Attendance will be taken by the teacher each week and is especially important during sacramental years. If a student misses a class, make-up work is required.  This work will be provided through the student’s catechist.  Each student (1st – 8th grade) is allowed up to (2) excused absences during the school year.  Two late arrivals or early dismissals will count as one absence.  If a child is absent, parents are requested to contact the Religious Education Director to explain the absence. If your child is going to be absent, please contact your child’s catechist via email and the Director via email.

Inclement Weather
In the event of threatening or inclement weather conditions and the need to cancel classes, information will be posted on our parish’s website ( and our Facebook page.  Catechists will be informed of the decision and will contact parents, if possible. 

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices
Students may not use cell phones during class.  Students who are found using cell phones during class will be asked to put their cell phone away.  If students do not comply, the cell phone will be confiscated by the catechist and/or director and given back to the student after the event/class.

Behavior Policy
All students are expected to have Christian consideration, sensitivity, and respect for fellow students and adults as well as the property around them.  The learning environment must be free from harassment or bullying. Bullying can include verbal harassment, physical assault, or coercion. Students must refrain from behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous to themselves or others.

Your role as Catholic parents is surely one of the most sacred, challenging, and wonderful vocations that the Lord entrusts to His people. You brought your child to be baptized thus providing the opportunity to begin life as a disciple of Jesus in the Church. As your child grows, you continue to nurture that spiritual life. You enable your child to live joyously in the Love of God made tangible by your own goodness and love. In the intimacy of family relationships, you teach the Catholic faith to your child every day by what you say and do – a profound and irreplaceable witness.

Please remember that our catechists graciously volunteer their time each week to assist parents in the sacred responsibility entrusted to them at their child’s Baptism: to form and educate their children to become disciples of Jesus in the Catholic faith.  We ask you to support the efforts of our catechists and to keep them in your prayers as they work diligently to form young hearts and minds in the faith.   

May God bless us in the work of Catholic Education which we carry on together in His name.

Sincerely in Christ,

Msgr. Louis A. Marucci, VF, Ph.D., Cand., D.Min.,                   Kathryn Emrich, MA, MS
Pastor                                                                              Pastoral Associate of Lifelong Faith Formation

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Additional Information about Our CCD Program

The mission of St. Andrew the Apostle's Religious Education Program is to help its members strengthen their relationship with Jesus through a variety of faith-sharing and educational programs.

We have several programs to choose from to help develop your Lifelong Faith Formation:
Religious Formation Classes (CCD Programs for Children and Families):

Rite of Christian Initiation (for Adults, Children, and Teens):

Additional Programs:

  • Children's and Family Mass  -  3rd Sunday of Each Month at 10am

Faith Formation Volunteer Ministry & Catechists
We are always in need of volunteers who are willing to share their time and talents to make the ministry of “catechesis” happen. No role is too big or too small, as ALL contribute to the formation process in one way or another: 

Volunteer Roles:
Classroom teachers
Substitute teachers
Classroom Assistants
Office Assistants
Hall Monitors
Hospitality Event Volunteers
Please consider sharing your time in some way with us.

So, what is a catechist, exactly?
The word catechist comes from a Greek word meaning "to echo".  Catechists echo the Word of God to the children of our parish.  Catechists come from all walks of life and are all ages. They are ordinary people, just like you, who generously volunteer their time to share our Catholic faith, values, and traditions with our youngest generation of Christians and to walk beside/bear witness to them. They are positive role models who help children grow in faith, spirituality and their relationship with God. Their gift of time and talents has tremendous value... because through their words, actions, and expression of love for their students, the message of Jesus Christ continues to spread throughout the world.

If you are interested in becoming a catechist,
Please call the Faith Formation Office at 856-783-0550.

Emergency Closing Information

Notification of class cancellations due to emergencies will be made via this website, and via phone call or text message to the phone number that we have on file. 

If your child's school is closed or has early dismissal due to inclement weather, it is likely that the Religious Education program will be closed as well.