Instructions for How to Sign Up for

From your Desktop Computer:  

Using your regular search engine; (Google, Internet Explorer, Bing) 
Enter into the search bar;  and hit Search
Choose the website
A blue screen will pop up. 
In the middle of the screen, there is a white box that says:  SIGN UP
Click  SIGN UP
The next screen asks you:  How would you like to sign up?
Select:  I Belong to a Parish or Organization

The next page says:  Create a New Account
Enter the zip code of St. Andrew the Apostle:    08026
Click on St. Andrew the Apostle Church;  then click Next
Under Create a New Account; enter your Name in the top box
and Enter your Email Address in the second Box;
Then click SIGN UP.   

This will send an email to your email inbox.
Now, go to your email inbox.  Find the email you just received from FORMED.ORG

Open the email and click on  SIGN IN NOW.

Congratulations!  Now you are a member of FORMED.ORG and can view all of the wonderful content now available as a member of FORMED!