Morning Rosary 

Morning Rosary is prayed each morning Monday through Saturday following the 8:00 AM Mass in the Chapel.  All are welcome!

Family Rosary

Family Rosary is prayed each Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 PM in the Chapel.  All are welcome!




Legion of Mary


The largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church with well over 3 million active members in most every country of the world. In 2011 the Legion celebrated it's 90th anniversary worldwide. It has been active in the United States since 1931, has known continuous Papal approval, and was endorsed by the Second Vatican Council.


I makes it's members better Catholics, first of all, through a balanced program of prayer and service in union with the Holy Spirit as he operates through Mary, Mother of the Church. Works include door-to-door evangelization, parish visitation projects, youth work and other spiritual needs of the parish and community. It gives Catholics from 8 years up an opportunity to do something positive for the Church while at the same time deepening their spiritual life and strengthening their Catholic Faith. Works under the guidance of the pastor.


Members meet together once a week for prayer, planning and discussion in a family setting; they do a couple of hours of definite work each week in pairs and under the guidance of a spiritual director.


No one - for the first three months! There is an easing-in period so you can see how work or family obligations blend with the tried and proven system of the Legion. Any Catholic, young, not so young, single, married, retired, who would like to draw closer to Jesus and His Mother is welcome to give it a try.


By being a guest at a meeting. You are invited to come and see the Legion from the inside. And you can go as a guest if you wish on one of the work assignments with an experienced member. You won't need a lot of talent, or great intelligence or even a feeling of being capable! What you will need is a willingness to sacrifice a little of your time and energy for the greatest reason in the world: your love of God"

Day: Monday                Time: 9:00 AM

Place: Chapel, St. Andrew the Apostle Church , 27 Kresson-Gibbsboro Rd, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026

For more information call: Marilyn Illustre at 609-713-2344